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About Us

Each and Every Employee

In today's world, the convergence of telecommunications, data networks, video and telephone conferencing, high definition surveillance, presence and collaboration is fast becoming the keystone in a company's infrastructure.  As a result, a full-service data and communications company, ATLATL Communication Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a AIC is a leading provider of total communications solutions.


AIC focuses on telecommunications hardware matched with network services to design, implement, and maintain equipment for business and commercial customers whose needs range from four or five phones to hundreds of phones, and up to 60,000 ports for incoming lines, stations, and telephones. With the skill, attention, and expertise of an artisan designing a complex mosaic, AIC brings together the pieces of telecommunications equipment and services including long distance, voice mail, fax, automated attendant, external paging, call sequencers, patch panels, voice/data management, Internet access and videoconferencing, among others for it’s customers’ specific business needs.

Competitive Business

With headquarters in metro Atlanta and offices in South Carolina, Florida and Texas, AIC primarily markets its services in the Southeast, while also serving a number of other businesses all over the country. The Company has more than 13,000 customers, from locally owned companies and professional firms to Fortune 500 corporations. Customers include manufacturers, distributors, auto dealers, banks, architects, builders, and attorneys. To add to its selection of products and services, as well as to extend its geographic reach, AIC has formed strategic alliances with top companies such as NEC, Toshiba, AT&T, Paetec, Interactive Intelligence, Active Voice and ESI. As a result, AIC is one of the largest NEC and Toshiba dealers in the United States. “Providing Telecom service is a fiercely competitive business” says William Abram, AIC founder, chairman, president, and CEO. Of the approximately 7,000 interconnect telephone companies in business today, AIC is one of the largest in the nation and is listed among the top 30 in the Teleconnect 100 list.

Training In Technology

One of AIC’s greatest challenges is staying abreast of advancing technology. “ There is an enormous amount of information out there,” notes Abram. In order to provide the best solutions for customers, the company must understand and employ the most often means weeding through myriad new developments that enter the marketplace nearly everyday. AIC’s answer is to hire talented, committed people and to emphasize training. Manufactures’ training, technology seminars and conventions, and dealers’ meetings all play a part in the training for AIC’s technical staff. Additionally, the company provides trainers for its customers’ service employees who operate the telecommunications systems “ Their comfort and productivity is critical,” comments Abram. “It reflects on how well we have done our job, and it will help keep our customers satisfied with our products.” This is an important factor since more than 65 percent of AIC’s business is from repeat customers.

Giving 110 Percent

AIC’s customer-centered philosophy has grown into a corporate culture of giving 110 percent. Throughout it’s offices, employees such as the chairman, receptionist, technical wizards, sales manager, and mail clerk all wear small gold pins reading “110%.” Says Abram, “ I think everyone who works for AIC is proud of the company, its success, and the quality of work we do. Isn’t that what everyone wants to be proud of where you work and what you do and to share in that success?” At AIC, the expectations that each employee will give 110 percent is a shared motive that creates a fellowship and sincere caring about the product the company with this belief. Says Abram. “When you give 100 percent, you compete. When you give 110 percent, you succeed.”




Great Expectations

Abram started his company In 1986 when he took on a client base of about 100 customers from a small company that had ceased operations. From the start, AIC was focused intently on customer service Abram built a management team that believes AIC is a service company whose business is to serve its customers beyond their expectation.

To this day, the original AIC team remains intact. AIC’s first rule is to listen closely to customers to determine their unmet needs. Through this consultative approach, the company designs and implements technological telecommunications solutions unique to each customer. “We are in a highly charged, complex, constantly developing business,” says Abram. “

Our customers expect us to provide them with the systems to meet their unique telecommunications needs.” While AIC works closely with its customers, the company handles all phases of the installations, including such aspects as delivery of equipment and contracting the involved telecommunications carriers. It also handles switchover, training, and maintenance. This total turnkey approach is welcomed by customers with appreciation and relief, as is evident in the many letters of appreciation and thank often for service above and beyond expectations that line the hallways of AIC’s offices.