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IP Telephony
The evolution of telephone technology is advancing in previously unimaginable directions. IP telephony has grown from costly unreliable low-quality conversations - to advanced technologies that bring people, information and control to your finger tips - with one-touch ease. Contact the AIC office closest to you for an appointment to put this technology to work for you.

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IP and traditional equipment can provide the same levels of function. PBX, Hybrid & Key Systems
Expectations of telephone service are incredible. AIC's scalable solutions offer you the ability to purchase systems now that are 'your size' - with the features and complexity you want - and will grow to meet the needs of tomorrow. Our vendors have a history and a promise to protect your invesmtments as you grow with reliable, expandable pbx, key and hybrid hardware and software solutions.

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AIC offers paging design and installations that are certified by our vendors to preform relaibly, clearly without compromise. Ranging from single speaker systems to large-scale concert music systems, large industrial zones and advanced IP solutions, and audiophile recognized systems are now available delivering comfortable, quality, intelligible sound solutions - inside and in the great outdoors - all at attractive prices.

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Security and liability controls are key to protect your company, your staff and your investments. Today's high-definition cameras and advanced video storage and indexing systems offer new security to your company. AIC's line of cameras, infrastructure, video storage and indexing solutions can satisfy your surveillance and security requirements. Contact the AIC office near you for more information.

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Glowing Fiber Optic display Infrastructure
Today's data intensive networks demand proper installation of advanced fiber and copper cabling infrastructure. AIC's network designers and technicians will work with you to deliver the service levels your network needs to perform to meet your expectations. Service offerings by AIC vary by state. Contact your AIC representative for more details.

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Support and Maintenance
AIC offers service, maintenance plans and moves, adds or changes on a time and material basis. You may find Maintenance Agreements protect your current investments - without unexpected costs from equipment failures or unscheduled maintenance.

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Data Switching
Converging voice, data and video technolgies require advanced data transport and switching equipment - both wired and wireless. Call to schedule a network assessment, for a review of your switching, security and routing gear - or to plan now for your upcoming implimentation.

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Advanced Network Services
Today's networks demand higher performance and reliability. AIC's network designers, technicians and partnered service and hardware providers will work with you to offer one-stop, turn-key solutions for your local and extended voice, data and video networks. Whether your network is growing across the hall, the street or across the globe, AIC can provide cost-efficient, reliable - scalable solutions. Some services not available in Florida. Contact your AIC representative for details.

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110% - Life at AIC

AIC's customer centered philosophy has grown into a corporate culture of giving 110 percent.

Contact the nearest AIC Sales and Service office so we can put our 110% service promise to work for you.

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